December 19, 2020

A couple of decades ago, a sprinkler timer might have been viewed as smart home technology. Now, a thermostat can be programmed to “learn” a homeowner’s preferred temperature throughout the day. And lights can be adjusted even when a homeowner is away from the house with the touch of a button from a smart device.

So, just what is a smart home, anyway? A smart home is equipped with different devices that automate a variety of tasks. In a smart home, homeowners can operate things like speakers, light bulbs, large appliances, and more with voice command, applications, or a separate system located within the home itself.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Products?

For many, the motivating factor behind creating a smart home is having the ability to save money while improving energy efficiency. For example, automated heating and air conditioning systems can reduce energy consumption. These smart-systems use internet and Wi-Fi technology to provide better control over the comfort level of the home.

Many people also appreciate the convenience of smart products. Smart devices can take care of normal tasks like vacuuming the floor, automatically starting a wash cycle, or even ordering more groceries whenever supplies are running low.

Another definite benefit of smart products is that many are designed to offer added safety and security. It’s easy to see why devices like smart cameras, doorbells, and lights are in high demand. Being able to see a visitor approaching and to check on your home from anywhere in the world are just a couple of perks smart security devices offer.

There are tons of smart home products available that can make your life much easier. While the devices you might benefit from the most will largely depend on your personal preferences, here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Control the Weather With a Smart Thermostat

Keep the house automatically dialed in with the temperature you prefer year-round with a smart thermostat. This smart device lets you cool or heats your home at the right time so it’s more comfortable whenever you and your family get back at the end of the day. Smart thermostats make it possible to track your energy usage, remotely control your thermostat, and minimize energy consumption.

Light the Way With Smart Bulbs

Smart light bulbs are a popular choice because of their longevity and lower energy consumption. These easy-to-use smart products are revolutionizing the way homeowners conserve energy, control lighting output, and improve security by using simple voice commands and internet connectivity. Best of all, smart lighting technology can easily be preset to turn on before you or your family comes home from work or school. Many smart bulbs can be programmed to alter the ambiance of the room with settings ranging from super-bright for task lighting to subtle for a relaxing effect.

Keep Things Comfortable With a Smart HVAC System

A smart HVAC system can improve air quality and reduce energy bills. An eco-friendly choice, smart HVAC systems provide better temperature control in your home, no matter where you are. There are many smart HVAC system options that allow complete temperature control in each individual room of the home or in different zones. This reduces energy consumption by preventing the heating or cooling of unused spaces.

Since environmentally friendly technology is so popular, investing in a smart HVAC system can increase your property value, too. Smart devices like these that provide increased convenience and comfort can improve the desirability of your home if you decide to place it on the market.

See Who’s Visiting With a Smart Doorbell

Your front door is the most vulnerable area of your home, so finding a more practical way to keep it safe should be a top priority. Smart video doorbells offer some remarkable advantages. They allow you to see who’s approaching your home as soon as their motion sensors are activated. Many models record events so you can have a clear view of visitors even in the dark. If you don’t want to engage with a guest by opening the door, you can always speak to them through a two-way audio feature. For times you’re away from home, you can view video footage from your smart device.

Upgrade Your Home With Smart Technology

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