April 15, 2020

Most people around the country are looking for innovative methods that will reduce power consumption in their homes. This comes after a continued increase in electrical bills to unsustainable levels. As a homeowner, your air conditioner is one of the electrical devices that consumes much power in your house. If you have been struggling to pay your power bills, here are some of the ways you can reduce your air conditioner’s power consumption.

Use a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is one of the most important devices that you can use to reduce your AC’s power consumption. This device is essential in programming the temperature you want in your home. You do not have to manually check how your system is working at all times. Instead, you can leave that to your smart thermostat, which will help you to track all the cooling needs in your residence. Some smart thermostats even come with a mobile app, which means that you can control the temperature remotely.

Insulate Your Home

If you are working on reducing power consumption in your house, you can insulate everything and work toward making sure that your AC system only performs the minimum cooling work necessary. Many people tend to use their air conditioning units for all matters of cooling. All of this works toward increasing your utility bill because your AC will be working all day to cool the air inside. However, with insulation, the air inside will be warm, which means that you will only need a few minutes of cooling. regulate temperatures.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

If you have been contemplating replacing your AC unit, make sure that you consider an energy-efficient system for replacement purposes. You do not have to buy the same air conditioner that you have been using when purchasing a new unit. As time passes, new and more energy-efficient systems are being manufactured. You need to take advantage of the current developments in technology and secure a new unit that uses less power than what you already own. This is an innovative technique of enhancing cooling efficiency and cutting down on power usage in your home.

Retrofit Your AC Unit

You do not have to replace your old air conditioning unit to cut power consumption in your home. There are very many innovative techniques that you can adopt to increase efficiency and reduce power consumption. Retrofitting helps you to cut the power usage of your system through some strategies such as condenser fan controls, replacing the compressor, and adding more ventilation, among others. This is an innovative method of reducing power consumption in a unit without buying a new model. It is a feasible solution, especially if you are on a budget.

Change Air Filters

Air filters are installed on an air conditioner for the primary purpose of dealing with all the dirt, pollutants, and dust particles found in the air. If you have stayed inside for many months without cleaning or replacing your air filters, there is a high chance that they will get blocked. Most of them will get blocked after accumulating much more dirt than what they can hold. This will cause your AC to run for longer periods of time, which ends up increasing the cost of cooling your residence. Changing your air filters regularly can reduce resistance and lower your utility bills.

Incorporate Home Zoning

Home zoning is an important strategy that many homeowners are currently using to reduce the cost of cooling their houses. Zoning involves cooling only specific areas of your residence. For example, if you are in the living room, you do not have to waste money regulating temperatures in the basement, the garage, and the bedroom. You only need to air-condition where you are sitting, which will significantly cut the cost of power in your home.

Regular AC Maintenance

Cleaning air filters may amount to regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit. However, it is important to note that other areas could be increasing the power consumption of your AC. Fixing some of the worn-out and loose components is an important maintenance undertaking that you should not ignore. Tightening loose electrical connections is another aspect that you should not forget. If you have a system that is operating normally, you will cut power consumption significantly.

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