March 19, 2020

The experts at Integrated HVAC have helped many of the residents of Edmond keep their homes at the right temperature. They have the knowledge and skill to handle every aspect of your home’s heating and cooling systems. To attain this expertise, our technicians study the broad field of climate control known as HVAC technology.

You may have seen this acronym on our website or vehicles driving around town. Understanding the meaning of HVAC will give you a better sense of how we can keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

H: Heating

Every Oklahoma home needs some kind of heating system to keep things comfortable in the winter months. Heating technology has come a long way since the days of the wood-burning stove. However, for most homes, the principle remains the same.

A heating unit combusts some kind of fuel like oil or natural gas to produce heat. In forced-air systems, a blower pushes heat through ductwork where it is channeled to the different areas of your house. In a radiant heat system, the furnace heats water that flows through radiators in each room. HVAC professionals like those at Integrated HVAC have been trained to handle the maintenance, repair and installation of all sorts of heating systems.

In recent years, heating technology has started to change. Some homes are using energy-efficient heat pumps to handle both their heating and cooling needs. This kind of comfort system uses the heat in the ambient air to draw warm air through your system. In the summer season, the heat pump can pull heat from your indoor air, cooling your home. Geothermal systems do a similar type of exchange using the constant temperature of the ground to push and pull heat.

V: Ventilation

Ventilation may be the aspect of HVAC systems with which you are least familiar. It used to be that providing ventilation was primarily a concern for commercial and industrial locations. These buildings often had a greater need for venting out fumes or drawing in fresh air. In most residences, ventilation meant opening a window and turning on an exhaust fan.

However, if you live in a recently constructed home, you may already have some sort of ventilator in place. In order to increase energy efficiency, builders design and construct new homes with better materials and tighter construction techniques. While this is great news for the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, it can have a serious impact on your indoor air quality. In tightly constructed homes, it can be difficult to replace stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air.

Adding a ventilator to your HVAC system will draw fresh air into your home while venting out stale air. Ventilation technology has also improved in recent years. Heat recovery ventilators can pull the heat from outgoing air and warm your incoming air. Energy recovery ventilators can do a similar exchange while preserving the humidity of your home air. These are helpful abilities when you are drawing cold, dry winter air into your home.

AC: Air Conditioning

Your air conditioner is what makes your house bearable during the hot Oklahoma summers. Air conditioning systems vary based on need. In a smaller home or apartment, a couple of window units may be all the power necessary. In larger homes, a central air conditioner will push air through the same ductwork as your heating system in the winter. Some homeowners are seeing the benefits of new ductless mini-split units. These are smaller units that can channel cool air to interior rooms without the hassle of a heavy window unit.

Your Partner for Comprehensive Home Services

As HVAC technology moves forward, you can bet that HVAC professionals are staying on top of the innovation. Our HVAC technicians are happy to look at your current system and give you suggestions on how to improve it. We can help decrease your heating and cooling bills by incorporating zoning technology and smart thermostats. We can help improve your air quality by adding air filtration systems. Today, HVAC experts will work with you to provide complete home comfort.

Integrated HVAC is the company Edmond residents trust for all their heating and cooling needs. Whether it is repair, maintenance or installation, our experts have you covered. We are also proud to offer comprehensive home services, including electric, audio-visual and home alarm systems. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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