June 6, 2020

Unless you’re a mosquito, it’s unlikely that you enjoy humidity, especially humidity in your home. To a certain extent, though, humidity is actually helpful. After all, humidity in your home can help to keep wood from cracking, help to keep your skin moisturized, and help to soothe some common respiratory ailments.

At some point, though, you can definitely have too much humidity in your home. We at Integrated HVAC want to make sure you recognize the signs that your home’s humidity is too high and that you need a dehumidifier. Here are a few of those signs for you to consider.

Your Air Conditioner Can’t Keep Up

One “cool” fact about your air conditioner is that it serves, at least in part, as a dehumidifier. That’s because removing humidity from the air is an effective way to make the air feel cooler. The evaporator coils in your air conditioner are cold enough to allow the humidity in your home’s air to condense, after which it drips away and is drained outside your home.

If there is too much humidity in the air, though, your air conditioner won’t be able to keep up. Typically, this will result in your air conditioner running for longer periods as it tries to remove more of the moisture from the air. You may also notice that your home doesn’t get as cool as it once did since there is more humidity in the air. If you run into this problem, you may need a separate dehumidifier from Integrated HVAC in Edmond to help your air conditioner with the task of dehumidification.

Your Doors Don’t Work Properly

If your interior doors have tight tolerances, you could run into trouble if excess humidity builds in your home. Wood, which is use for most interior doors, is an incredibly porous material, meaning that it is quite good at absorbing large amounts of moisture. If the moisture in the air exceeds the normal needs of your home, then some of this excess will be stored in the doors and door frames throughout your home.

If this is the case, when you go to open and close your doors, you will find that this task is quite difficult, resulting in a lot of scraping and squealing that didn’t occur before. Of course, problematic doors could be caused by other problems as well, such as your house settling. However, if the problem occurs during seasons of high humidity, you most likely need a dehumidifier from Integrated HVAC to help restore balance in your home.

Condensation on Windows

This tell-tale sign of high humidity occurs most often when the weather outside is cooler although it can happen just about any time if the humidity levels in your home are high enough. As excess moisture in your home hits your cold windows, it condenses on the glass, resulting in an obstructed view and a soggy mess.

This problem occurs most often in bedrooms while people are sleeping because this causes excess moisture to be expelled through respiration. If you notice this problem, it’s also a good idea to have your windows inspected to ensure that the seals aren’t busted, which can allow excess cold air to enter your home. At the end of the day, though, condensation on windows is typically a sign that you need extra dehumidifying capacity via a dehumidifier.

Smell of Mildew

Even if you can’t see the mildew growing in your home, you will be able to smell it. Therefore, if your home has even a mild mildew smell, it could be a sign that you need Integrated HVAC to install a new dehumidifier.

High humidity levels in your home provide a welcoming environment for mildew to grow, especially in areas that aren’t often accessed by you or your family. If mildew growth becomes excessive, it can lead to respiratory issues that can be difficult to overcome. Therefore, at the first sign of mildew growth, it’s important to track down the source of the smell and then to install a dehumidifier.

At Integrated HVAC, we seek to be a solution for all your home needs. We want your family to be safe and healthy in the place you call home. Therefore, in addition to dehumidifier installation, we offer a full line of alarm services, allowing you to have the peace of mind you need to get a good night’s sleep.

We can also install home theaters and other smart home components, ensuring that your family is both healthy and nurtured. If you have other HVAC or electrical needs, we can take care of you there, as well. We work hard to integrate everything together to ensure that you can make the most of your home.

We’ve been serving the area for years and are certified by the EPA and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Our community makes us what we are, which is why we are proud to be locally owned and operated. What we’re most proud of, though, is our numerous five-star reviews from real customers just like you. Some of our service offerings are home AV integration and electrical services, as well as our heating and AC solutions. To experience this legendary service in your home, give us a call at Integrated HVAC today.

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