March 8, 2021

Power outages can be frustrating, whether unexpected or planned. They can also be dangerous after a heavy storm or rainfall. It’s not just hurricanes and strong winds that can cause power outages. Downed power lines and intense thunderstorms can also leave your home without electricity. The good thing is that you can reduce the frustrations by preparing in advance for a power outage. Since natural disasters and storms can happen when you least expect them, it’s wise to use these tips to prepare for power outages.

Let There Be Light

It’s essential to have enough alternate light sources on hand for when nighttime rolls around. It would pay to buy several flashlights, at least either one for each family member or one for each room. If several flashlights are not an option, consider purchasing one potent alternate light source. Ensure that you have fresh and fully charged spare batteries. Otherwise, your flashlights will go out when you least expect them to in the night. It would also be best to have an oil lamp or propane lantern as an alternative light source. However, it’s not advisable to use candles because they are fire hazards.

Remain Connected

You will want to remain connected with the world during a power outage so that you can receive important information from disaster-relief or local emergency service organizations. An excellent way to stay connected is by investing in a portable, non-electric radio. Some operate with a hand crank or solar power, and some are battery-operated. The good part is that emergency radios won’t need a generator to function, and they are portable, allowing you to carry them around should you receive emergency notification that you have to evacuate.

Stock up on Water

Water is likely to keep flowing if you have a municipal water supply. However, you might experience a water shortage if you have a well because the pump doesn’t operate without electricity. Stock up several gallons of water when a heavy storm is predicted. Consider storing at least a gallon of water for each household member per day for a few days. You can stock up water by filling your washing machine and bathtub to get enough water for flushing toilets and washing clothes.

Surge protectors

When you have power outages in Edmond, power can come back with a powerful surge that can damage home appliances and electronic gadgets. It would be wise to invest in a surge protector to protect your expensive electronics. A surge protector is a worthy investment because it will protect your home’s electrical system too.

Stock up on Non-perishable Food

Check on your food supply as soon as you hear a big storm or string winds headed for your area. You can avoid food shortages and crowded food stores by shopping early. It’s crucial to store non-perishable foods because you don’t know how long the power outage will last, so you cannot store food in the fridge. Foods such as cereals, dried fruits, and canned vegetables can save your day during a power outage. Ensure that you buy enough food supply for your entire household. Remember to stock up for your pets and other essentials, especially if you have a toddler in the house, and don’t forget to fill any prescriptions ahead of time.

Prepare for Cold Temperatures

Blankets are a necessity during power outages. However, if your region experiences severe winter weather, you will need extra measures to keep you warm. Include quality sleeping bags in your emergency power outage kit. Another great way to prepare for cold temperatures during a power outage is by investing in emergency thermal blankets. You can also store enough firewood if you have a wood fireplace or wood stove to heat your home during a power outage.

Get Enough Cash

Cash is necessary during a power outage. Some stores might be open, but they are unlikely to process credit cards. Also, cash machines might not be operational when there isn’t electricity. Therefore, keeping emergency cash in hand is vital for easy purchases when you replenish food or other necessary supplies in the house.

Your safety and that of your family are important during a power outage. You can keep your family safe and comfortable with these tips. It’s a good idea to talk to our professionals for more tips and a customizable plan as you prepare for a power outage. We are highly experienced with AV systems, alarms, indoor air quality assessments, electrical systems, and HVAC services. Contact Integrated HVAC today for more information on self-sufficiency and preparedness for power outages in Edmond.

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