April 6, 2021

When you think about upgrading your HVAC system, the thermostat probably does not make the list. This little device has a relatively simple job compared to other parts of your heating and cooling system, so why would you replace it? At Integrated HVAC, we perform repairs on HVAC systems, and you may be surprised to find out how often the thermostat is the source of the problem. Here are nine reasons why Edmond homeowners should replace their thermostats.

1. Powering Off and On

You recognize the tell-tale signs that your heating and cooling system is working. It turns on, runs for a period of time, and then shuts off. But what if it constantly turns on and off within minutes? This is a sign that your thermostat is damaged and needs to be replaced. Thermostats work by sending signals to the furnace or air conditioner. One signal tells the HVAC system to turn on while a second signal tells it to turn off when the desired temperature is reached. A broken thermostat will send a rapid series of signals, causing your system to power on and off in quick succession.

2. Age

Despite their simple design, thermostats do have limited lifespans. Most residential thermostats will last about 10 years. Depending on how you use your thermostat, it may not that last long. The delicate components inside of the device can break down over time, and you may not even notice. The experts at Integrated HVAC recommend replacing your thermostat after about seven years.

3. Inconsistent Temperatures

Inconsistent temperatures are another sign that it is time to replace your thermostat. We are not referring to uneven temperatures from one room to another. Instead, what you should look for is when your HVAC system operates to reach one temperature, and then within a day or so, it is running to reach a different temperature. If you have not changed any settings, then this is a sign that you need a new thermostat.

4. HVAC Will Not Power On

The most obvious sign that your thermostat may need to be replaced is when the HVAC system will not turn on at all. This can be caused by other issues as well, and the experts at Integrated HVAC can tell you if the thermostat or something else is preventing your unit from working.

5. Incorrect Readings

If you have temperature monitors around your home, have you noticed a significant difference between those readings and your thermostat? While you may be tempted to blame it on differences due to sunlight or other factors, it may also be your thermostat. The components inside of the unit may be preventing an accurate reading, and this means that your HVAC system will run too much or too little.

6. No Clicking Sound

You are probably so used to the clicking sound you hear when adjusting your thermostat, so you may not even notice when it is missing. If you adjust your thermostat to turn on the HVAC system and do not hear that click, it is time to replace the device.

7. Short Run Times

Does your HVAC system turn off before it reaches the desired temperature? If you notice that you have to constantly adjust the thermostat to stay comfortable, it may be time for a new one. The thermostat is sending signals to the heating and cooling equipment too soon.

8. New Technologies

If you love smart technologies and digital designs, you will enjoy new, modern thermostats offered by Integrated HVAC. You can find programmable units as well as devices that allow you to monitor and adjust temperatures from your smart devices. Some of these thermostats also provide feedback on HVAC operation.

9. High Energy Costs

Are you paying more for heating and cooling than last year? It may not be due to changes in weather patterns. Rather, your thermostat may be sending too many signals to the furnace and air conditioner. As a result, the equipment runs longer or more frequently, and you will end up paying more utility bills. You can save money by investing in a new thermostat.

Where to Find a New Thermostat for Your Home

Since 2012, Integrated HVAC has provided homeowners in Edmond and the surrounding areas with reliable, expert, and professional HVAC services. We can handle every part of your heating and cooling system from installation to repairs and maintenance. If you need to replace your thermostat, give us a call today. We can explain the different types of units that are suitable for your budget, needs, and HVAC system.

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