October 20, 2020

Top 6 Benefits of a Geothermal Heating System

Of course, the main reason that people will cite for installing a geothermal system is the fact that it uses less electricity. The truth is that the benefits of a geothermal system go far beyond cutting your power bill. Here are six reasons why a geothermal system could make sense for your home.

1. It Will Cut Your Utility Bills

This is the top reason why people opt for geothermal energy. Installing a system could reduce your monthly heating bill by up to 70%. These savings will begin immediately after you install your system. Instead of requiring electricity to blow air throughout your home, your geothermal system will pull the air out of the earth surrounding your home and exchange that air between your indoor spaces and the ground. Moreover, geothermal systems are much more efficient since they do not require fuel or electricity to create warmth.

2. Geothermal Is Better for the Environment

Any type of renewable energy system will have a positive effect on the environment. There are two primary environmental benefits of a geothermal system. The first and most obvious is that a geothermal system will use less energy. Lower electric usage means that there are fewer carbon emissions. The second benefit is that there are fewer lubricants and other possible pollutants that are used for the system itself. Geothermal takes advantage of a clean and renewable resource that is located in the ground beneath your home, and it does not take much power to access this reserve.

3. It’s a Reliable Power Source

When you decide that you want to go with a renewable energy source, you can choose between geothermal, solar, or even wind. However, solar and wind can be unreliable at times since they are dependent on sunlight and the local climate. Geothermal energy has none of these complications. The air under your home is as unlimited as it gets. That means that there is always a reliable and steady source of air for your geothermal system. Thus, you can rest assured knowing that nothing will stop you from achieving the desired temperature in your home.

4. Your Maintenance Bill Can Go Down With Geothermal Heating

When you have a geothermal system, there are fewer things that can go wrong with it. An HVAC system will need regular TLC to stay efficient and functioning. When it breaks, you have costly repair bills. You will not have to deal with the same amount of replacements, leaks, and even routine maintenance calls. There are fewer moving parts and less of the system is located outdoors. This means that you will not need to worry as much about the wear-and-tear that can affect your HVAC system. In the end, this will result in savings, both in terms of money and hassle.

5. Geothermal Systems Get You Tax Credits

The government encourages people to install renewable energy systems. They want you to do things that are better for the environment, so they will offer you incentives to get geothermal energy. Their primary way of encouraging you to get geothermal is to offer you savings on your tax bill every year. What really helps is that the government gives you the incentives in the form of a tax credit. This is even better than a tax deduction since you can just subtract this number from the amount of income tax that you owe. You can use the savings on your taxes to pay some of the upfront costs of installing geothermal in your home.

6. Your Home Comfort Can Increase

Much of the geothermal system is actually located underneath your home. There is a heat pump that is located above ground where your furnace usually is, but all the pipes are buried deep underground. In terms of your comfort, this means that you will have a quieter home. A traditional HVAC system will have fans and other things that can make noise on occasion. Noisy compressors are also a thing of the past with geothermal, meaning that can enjoy a warm or cool home in comfort and quiet.

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