February 4, 2021
Electrical Problems

From work to home, electricity is present in all aspects of your life. However, most people don’t pay close attention to electricity because the wiring is tucked behind the walls. However, it’s wise to have an expert conduct regular inspections of your electrical system to avoid risks like fire and damaged appliances. Most of these electrical issues arise from poorly maintained and installed wiring systems. Keep your senses alert for these warning signs of a faulty electrical system. Ensure that you hire a qualified technician immediately if you notice any of these warning signs in your Edmond home.

Hot Outlets

Most electrical appliances produce heat during operation. However, the power outlet shouldn’t be hot. Switch covers also shouldn’t get hot when an appliance is plugged in unless there’s an electrical problem in your house. While dimmer switches can get warm because they have a role of dissipating excess electrical energy, they shouldn’t get too hot to the touch. If you notice excessive heat at an electrical outlet, ensure that you unplug the cords and avoid using the outlet until an electrician inspects and fixes the problem.

Frayed Wires

Wires can crack or fray due to bending, age, corrosion, or heat. They can also become nicked, pierced by screws or nails, or pinched. Whichever the cause, frayed wires are hazardous. Ensure that you call an electrician to fix any damaged wire in your house since it indicates a looming electrical problem.

Buzzing Outlets

Electricity should be quiet between unified connections. You shouldn’t hear any humming or buzzing from a light switch or power outlets. If you notice such sounds, then it’s a sign of an electrical issue. Electricity produces a soft buzzing sound when current skips along the line. It usually happens when there’s a wiring problem or an issue with the plugged appliance. Unplug everything from the affected socket as you wait for a qualified electrician to arrive.

Tripped Wires

Circuit breakers trip a wire when they’re under excess stress. Most people have experienced a tripped wire in their house. Old homes are often culprits of tripped wires because their electrical systems can’t meet the demands of modern appliances. However, malfunctioning outlets or appliances also cause tripped wires. When this happens, get the professional help of an electrician rather than flipping the breaker.

Signs of Vermin

Vermin infestation is a potential cause of electrical problems. Rats nibble away anything in the house to trim their teeth. You need to be wary of electrical problems if you notice vermin or their droppings in your residence. Rats bite wires and expose them, making you prone to house fires. Hire an electrician to inspect the wiring system in your home after getting rid of rats or any other vermin in your house.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are an indication of a loose electrical connection in your house. The flickering could be contained to a single light fixture or affect several rooms or lights. In the latter, the issue is usually farther back in the circuit. The problem could be at the utility drop outside the property or in the breaker box if the flickering affects the entire home. In this case, your best bet would be to hire a licensed electrician to fix the issue.

Loose Outlets

You know something is wrong with your electrical system when power outlets loosen. It’s time to call your electrician if you plug cords into an outlet and all the insides are loose. Loose outlets ultimately shale the wires free, causing sparks, shorts, and potential fire hazards. Luckily, you can hire an electrician to fix this problem.

Improperly Grounded Flexible Gas Lines

Most homes use the flex line to supply gas to the house. However, ensure that the line is properly grounded to prevent disastrous blowouts. An electrical surge near your house or a lightning strike can rupture a flex line, causing an explosion or gas leak. Therefore, contact an electrician if you notice an improperly grounded flex line.

Burning Smells

Burning smells are one of the worst signs of electrical problems in homes. If left unchecked, burning smells can cause electrical fires. Ensure that you pinpoint the source of a burning smell as soon as you notice it. It could be hazardous if you find the origin of the smell to be from an outlet. This warning sign also indicates sparking outlets or exposed wires. Unplug appliances and cords from the socket and call an electrician immediately.

Rely on the Pros

With more than a decade of residential wiring experience, our licensed and qualified electricians have the knowledge to repair any electrical problems. You can also contact our team of experts for heating repair, AC maintenance, and cooling installation. Contact Integrated HVAC in Edmond, OK, today if you notice any of the above signs of electrical problems in your house.

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