January 21, 2021

Is there a specific time frame a homeowner can expect a furnace to last? Answering that question requires looking at a few factors. Did the homeowner purchase a quality furnace? Was it installed recently? Did the furnace go through extensive use?

Top furnace companies put effort into quality control and release heating systems that might last many years. However, you need to take additional steps to ensure your furnace lasts as long as promised.

About how much time could the average homeowner expect to get out of a furnace?

Average Furnaces and Their Lifespans

A reasonable lifespan expectancy on a furnace is about 15 to 20 years. That does not mean the heater won’t break down before it reaches 15 years. Could a furnace last longer than 20 years? Some furnaces might last upwards of 30 years. Performance and efficiency may decline with age, but the model could last far longer than expected.

You should not feel concerned about your furnace breaking down at some point unexpectedly. If a service technician performs routine cleanings and inspections, you may receive helpful reports that reveal how much life to expect. The technician might even point out concerns that could take years off its life.

Is the furnace too small for your house? If so, then that furnace won’t live as long as it should. People who purchase a home not knowing the heater is undersized may never know until a technician points the fact out.

Integrated HVAC provides Edmond, OK, residents with furnace repair and maintenance. Routine service inspections and even installations of new systems are options.

Improving the Chances of a Longer Furnace Life

If you’re in an area known for extremely cold weather, your furnace might run extensively to maintain a decent temperature. A furnace that works hours on hours a day for several weeks might experience a decreased lifespan. Maybe you should think about keeping a lower temperature. A temperature of 64° puts more effort into the heating system than 60° would. Is it necessary to maintain a consistent temperature of 64°? Even 62° could give the system a break.

Investing in a smart thermostat could help give your system a much-needed break. In addition, setting the thermostat to stay at a much lower temperature when no one’s home saves energy. The temperature could increase right before you and your family return home on their regular schedule.

Besides making some changes with how to utilize the furnace best, the following steps for preventive care and maintenance might have great value.

Taking Care of the Furnace

Extensive maintenance might not be necessary to keep your furnace in good shape. Changing the filter on time, by itself, could have some positive effects. When running with a dirty filter, the furnace might work much harder. Again, putting too much work on the furnace may have undesirable effects.

An old filter could even lead to surprising disasters, such as a cracked heat exchanger. That part could crack if the unit overheats, a possible result from a dirty filter.

The system itself might require cleaning, and a thorough cleaning could restore some efficiency. Dirt and dust may not even be the worst problems with the furnace. Mold and even pests could infest a furnace. Unless someone routinely cleans and inspects the system, knowing its true condition may not always be possible.

Keep an Eye on Potential Breakdown Issues

When a furnace reaches the end of its time, it may begin to malfunction. Ignoring those signs could lead to the system breaking down unexpectedly and at the worst time.

A furnace prone to short cycling, starting, stopping and starting again within a short period could indicate mechanical problems. If the system repeatedly breaks down and requires numerous service visits, you may soon need an upgrade. Don’t dismiss high heating bills, either. Higher bills might be a sign of inefficiency and potential mechanical problems.

Replacing the furnace before it breaks down for good could give you a chance to find the right-size unit as well as one made by a top manufacturer. Getting a jump on things seems better than dealing with an emergency.

Integrated HVAC has technicians ready to install new furnaces in Edmond, OK. We have been in business since 2012 and also provide electrical, heating, cooling, and AV services. We are EPA certified, too. Call today for an estimate.

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