May 11, 2020

At Integrated HVAC in Edmond, Oklahoma, we have helped numerous customers fix hot spots in their homes. Turning up your air conditioning is not necessarily the best option. Hot spots are created due to an imbalance in the temperature, which can be extremely frustrating. The most common reasons along with the best solutions are explained below.

Ductwork Issues

Check your vents to make certain there are no obstructions, and then ensure your filter is clean. Turn on your air conditioner to see if the air is coming out of your vents properly. If your airflow is weaker in some rooms than in others, your ducts may be damaged or leaking. When your ducts have a good seal, the air is unable to escape to a basement or an attic. This is where your ducts are most likely located.

If your connection is damaged or there are holes, some of your air may be leaking. The result is hot spots in the rooms impacted by the damaged ducts. As much as 20% to 30% of your air may be leaking because of poor construction or holes. This not only leads to hot spots but much higher utility bills as well. Your first step is performing a thorough inspection of your ducts.

Look for any spots where your ducts are damaged, sagging, or loose. You can find any leaks easily by using a thermal camera. If you see any issues, we recommend calling in a professional technician. A professional can find the issue, conduct repairs, and eliminate the hot spots in your house. Unfortunately, your ducts may have been designed poorly or your installation was faulty.

There is also a possibility your ducts are not able to handle a newer and high-efficiency HVAC system. In this instance, your best option is to talk to a professional to determine the right solution for your specific issue. If you need to replace your ductwork, you will eliminate hot spots, receive better cooling, and decrease your monthly bills.

Recent Renovations to Your Home

If you have had home renovations such as having a new room built, this may be the cause of your hot spots. Your HVAC system must be considered prior to any home additions. Just because your system was the right size before your addition does not mean it will be once your renovations are complete. If your system is near or at its limit, the result may be hot spots in your house.

There is a wide range of solutions to this problem. You may need to modify your ducts, have new ducts created, or have your HVAC system replaced. The right solution depends on the extent of your renovation, if your duct system was extended correctly, and how much additional heating and cooling you require.

Your HVAC Is Not the Correct Size

To cool your property evenly, your HVAC system must be correctly sized. This means the unit should have the capacity to heat and cool your entire home. We refer to this as the tonnage of the unit. If you have an undersized system, your unit will be unable to meet the demands of your household. There will be certain areas or rooms with hot spots because your system will not be able to achieve the desired temperature.

We have seen just as many issues with oversized units. If your system is too large, your rooms will be heated or cooled too quickly. The result is uneven temperatures or hot spots. Your system will not be able to regulate the humidity in your home because it will not be running for a long enough period of time. The only option for an incorrectly sized unit is a replacement.

At Integrated HVAC, we will use several different methods to determine which unit is the right size for your home. For instance, our technicians will use the square footage to estimate tonnage. We will also consider how many windows and doors your residence has and how many people are living there. One of the most thorough methods is load calculation. This is when we consider the number of rooms to determine your heating and cooling needs.

Correcting Hot Spots in Your House

Our technicians at Integrated HVAC in Edmond, Oklahoma, are here to help you to eliminate any frustrating and uncomfortable hot spots in your home. Call us today so that we can send a professional technician to your property. We also provide services for your cooling, heating, and electrical needs, plus motorized shades and blinds, smart home systems, AV automation, and alarms.

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